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Role of AWS-EC2 in Modular Gateway Cloud Setup

Discussion created by Archit Muchhal on Feb 14, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2018 by Dhvanil Patel

I have a few questions regarding the entire role of AWS-EC2 in the Cloud Service Setup. From what I can understand (correct me if I'm wrong), AWS-EC2 is used remotely to provide connectivity to Gateway and End Nodes from the mobile application.

Also, now the question which comes up is, if AWS-EC2 is used remotely, what is the use of the instructions mentioned in the document "AWS EC2 Modular Gateway Cloud Service Setup Guide" in the Clouds Folder? 
Because, before setting up the Cloud with the help of the Guide, I was able to control the end nodes through the mobile application on an Android Phone. Hence, its role is a bit unclear to me and its requirement as well. 
Any explanations in this regard would be really grateful!
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