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Frequency change while debugging - DEMO9S08SH32

Discussion created by William Owens on Oct 15, 2008
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I have a project to convert code from a M68HC08 to a newer processor.  I have converted the code to a MC9S08SH8 using Code Warrior and a DEMO9S08SH32 Demo board.  The first part of the program is most delays to allow some of the devices to be initialized.   If I run the code from the start with a break point where I want to stop in the program, the output on the debugging laptop displays frequency changing ~15Mhz and the program seems to stop running.  If I run the code and put breakpoint in to make the code execute in smaller quantities the program works without any problems.  If I stop the program after it has stopped running the frequency reverts back to the ~8.0Mhz like it should be.   No sure what is causing this to happen, maybe a software/hardware interrupt or just something between the CPU and the debugging system.  If you can give me any information as to where to look please replay.





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