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RF Transmiter FXTH87 Power consumption and reset issues

Question asked by Juan Sebastian Quijano on Feb 13, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2019 by Luis Felipe Kunzler

Hello everyone! and thanks in advance for reading!


I have been working on the FXTH87 Tire pressure sensor but I have a problem first of all about Reset sources, because I am counting with the Z axis accelerometer every time it turns around (spinning), but for any reason the register that count it, suddenly returns to zero (chip reset!). I have worked, to solve this, over the COP timer and the Periodic hardware (PRST), Reset sources, but nothing change.


In the other hand, I have measured the power consumption on chip and I got 5mA with RF and UUMA peripherals ON, and 1,48mA in STOP1 MODE doing nothing on code! so that is sooo much! I don't know whether the problem of reset is generated in a problem in the chip about power, voltage,... I am using a power supply voltage and works fine but maybe the chip have problems in power consumption and forces it reset itself.


Thanks in advance!