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[mpc5777c] Can't I use e_stw to initialize SRAM ?

Question asked by Jaejyn Shin on Feb 13, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2018 by Peter Vlna

Hello Expert


I want to initialize SRAM which has ECC error using e_stw. Because I want to clear a few bytes of Ram memory.

But there was a Exception when I used e_stw.


    e_lis r5, SOME_RAM_SIZE@h # Initialize r5 to size of SRAM (Bytes)
    e_or2i r5, SOME_RAM_SIZE@l
    # e_srwi r5, r5, 0x6
    mtctr r5


    # Set Base Address of the internal SRAM
    e_lis r5, SOME_RAM_START@h
    e_or2i r5, SOME_RAM_START@l

    e_stw r16,0(r5)
    e_addi r5,r5,4
    e_bdnz sram_init_some_loop


Can't I use e_stw to init SRAM?

I can't, how to initialize a few bytes of SRAM ? (not 64 bytes using e_stmw)


Thank you