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Watchdog ISR not getting called

Question asked by Venkatraman C on Feb 13, 2018

I am trying to setup watchdog monitor for my application. The watchdog ISR does not seem to be called when the reset occurs.

SDK used: S32SDK_S32K14x_EAR_0.8.4


I am just calling these SDK APIs to configure and initialize the watchdog during the app initialisation:


WDOG_DRV_SetInt(INST_WATCHDOG1, true, watchdogResetHandler);

WDOG_DRV_Init(INST_WATCHDOG1, &watchdog1_Config0);


And my ISR routine just writes a Bytes into the flash and I try to read it back when the device resets:

void watchdogResetHandler()
static const uint8_t RESET_SIGNATURE = 0xAB;
//Write an entry indicating watchdog reset
writeNVMData((uint8_t*)0x1400000D, 1, &RESET_SIGNATURE);

Looks like the interrupts are enabled properly. But, the bytes 0xAB does not seem to be written. Have I missed to enable something here?