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Web browser in full HD with imx6 dual

Question asked by Olle Sandberg on Feb 13, 2018

Is it possible to run a web browser in full HD with an imx6 dual SOC and experience smooth scrolling etc?


We have tried out the Variscite development board VAR-DVK-MX6-V2, with imx6q. Building a dist through yocto with both qtwebengine and chromium (for wayland). Running a window in full HD size with webengine is really sluggish to scroll and chromium seems to ignore touch events so can't even try scrolling.


In a resolution of 800x480 it's more smooth using qtwebengine.


We're not trying to show video anything really heavy in the browser, just want to know if it's possible to reach a reasonable smooth web browsing at all using these SOCs. Have anyone had any success with a similar setup?


BR, Olle