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ISP Go command from RAM

Question asked by Zoran Djokic on Feb 13, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2018 by Zoran Djokic

I'm working with LPC2378 using Keil 4 ARM. I've made little program with function in RAM at location 0x40002000 which  initializes WDT and go into endless loop without WDT feed, so WDT reset happens. Everything works OK.

Then I wrote ISP routine that writes to RAM (same locations) the same bytes that compiler generated (I noted them in listing of RAM function). With FlashMagic tool I checked that they are written at 0x40002000 and that are the same as compiler generated bytes of above mentioned code. That was everything right.
Back to my ISP routine- after writing bytes (code) in RAM, I sent ISP Go command (0x30 was return value- that is OK)  to 0x40002000 in Arm mode, but Watchdog reset doesn't happened.