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LPC43xx MAC Frame filter options have no effect

Question asked by Shruti Sen on Feb 13, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2018 by Carlos_Mendoza

I am using lpc18xx_43xx_emac.c Mac driver for LWIP from NXP. I wish to set up frame filtering for a multicast MAC address on my LPC4357. As a first step, I tried to set the MAC frame filter register to pass all multicast messages by setting the MAC_FF_PM bit (pass-all-multicast bit) in the MAC_FRAME_FILTER register. According to the datasheet, this should allow all multicast packets, irrespective of any hash filter settings. This does not work - only unicast packets arrive at the application.
I went ahead and tried to do the MAC frame filter hash table calculations as suggested in the LPC43xx user manual. This had no effect either.
I can however, receive all network traffic if I set the MAC_FRAME_FILTER to receive all packets or to the promiscuous mode.
The only two possibilities, it seems, are - to receive unicast packets OR receive all packets with no filtering.


Am I missing information? Has anyone tried and seen MAC frame filtering work on this chip?