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Using PN7120 NFC controller over I2C with STM32

Question asked by sherry.zahid on Feb 12, 2018
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I am trying to get the OM5577 ( PN7120 ) NFC development kit to talk to an STM32 microcontroller (L476RG, running arm cortex m4) over the I2C interface. I see that there are tutorials for arduino / beagle / raspberry pi and iMX but I aim to use this with an STM32 over I2C. I want to be able to configure the PN7120 and put it in an operating mode to scan for tags.


I have tried reading through UM10819 user manual for PN7120 and it talks about the commands and responses but I cant find how to send these commands over I2C. I also tried reading the NCI specification, but it seemed irrelevant to using the PN7120, would that be correct?


I am new to this technology, would someone be able to point me in the correct direction? Maybe there are some  resources, tutorials or sample code that would be relevant to my setup / needs? Thanks in advance


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