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Interrupts and writing data on Flash Memory (2 questions)

Discussion created by Francesco Palmisano on Oct 15, 2008
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I'm a noob and I appreciate your help.
Well, I read the professed "SIMPLE" AN2865_5500_Cookbook.pdf to learn how to use interrupts in C.
But exaples use ASSEMBLER codes!
I'm looking for an easy way to write code.
CW for MPC55xx don't use Processor Expert..
I can't find an easy guide, an how to, or some APIs that helps me to UNDERSTAND the use of interrups.

Another question.
How can i write some data on non-volatile memory?
I.E.: How can I write a sentence sent by RS232 on Flash?
And how to read it?
Any APIs?
Any example code?

I'm using an MPC5566EVB.

Please help me as soon as you can.
Thanck you, and sorry for my noob questions.

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