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S32V: SRC_GPR Registers: Write failures?

Question asked by Ekta Sachdev on Feb 9, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2018 by Kushal Shah



I'm trying to configure the PCIE related registers on the S32v EVB board and I keep encountering strange behaviour.

For example, once QNX is up and running on the S32V EVB board, I tried reading the SRC_GPR5 register (address: 0x4007C110). The read succeeded and I got the following value -- 0x12500208 .


However, if I try to write to this register after the OS has booted, I get a bus error.


I can easily configure this registers in IPL and u-boot. I can't seem to do it after QNX is up and running. I've checked that the register itself is R/W and is a non-secure register (based on the TRM).


Can someone let me know if the TRM was updated or there is anything special I need to do to write to these registers once the OS is up and running?