Ekta Sachdev

S32V: SRC_GPR Registers: Write failures?

Discussion created by Ekta Sachdev on Feb 9, 2018



I'm trying to configure the PCIE related registers on the S32v EVB board and I keep encountering strange behaviour.

For example, once QNX is up and running on the S32V EVB board, I tried reading the SRC_GPR5 register (address: 0x4007C110). The read succeeded and I got the following value -- 0x12500208 .


However, if I try to write to this register after the OS has booted, I get a bus error.


I can easily configure this registers in IPL and u-boot. I can't seem to do it after QNX is up and running. I've checked that the register itself is R/W and is a non-secure register (based on the TRM).


Can someone let me know if the TRM was updated or there is anything special I need to do to write to these registers once the OS is up and running?