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Yocto Project for MAC57D5xx

Question asked by Quentin Cabrol on Feb 9, 2018

Dear NXP support,


I am contacting you as we are developing on your MAC57D5xx development kit.

As we plan to deploy the Mender FOTA management solution for our embedded Linux, we first need to have the A5 embedded Linux to be based on the Yocto Project kernel.

A Linux BSP is provided by Mobilyia in the resources of the product which is not based on Yocto and thus do not offer easy deployment of Mender.

It seems we would require a custom yocto image to do so.

Is NXP planning to have Yocto project metalayer for this board available in a near future?

If no, can you provide us support in developing this meta layer to build a yocto image for this hardware?


Thank you in advance for your support

Best Regards