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The root file system extracted from the QorIQ SDK V2.0-1703 supplied images does not have root account and environment configured.

Question asked by Stephen McIntyre on Feb 8, 2018

I created a boot SD card and loaded the rootfs as described in the SDK document section SD deployment Item 6. Copy the file system to harddisk by extracing the QorIQ_SDK_<Version>_E6500_<release
date>_ROOTFS_Image.tar.gz. Remove the tarball after extracting rootfs.
# cp QorIQ_SDK_<Version>_E6500_<release date>_ROOTFS_Image.tar.gz
# sudo tar -zxvf QorIQ_SDK_<Version>_E6500_<release date>_ROOTFS_Image.tar.gz
# rm QorIQ_SDK_<Version>_E6500_<release date>_ROOTFS_Image.tar.gz


specifically I installed using this file QorIQ_SDK_V2.0_E5500_64B_20160527_ROOTFS_Image.tar.gz

Which works, but the file system does not include the root account and or the environment configured. Is there a script file available or do I have to create the root account environment myself? or am I just missing something?


I thought that this tarball would have recreated the basic file system as supplied on our devkit.