Taranath karagada

unable to open and write  file  using MPC5554

Discussion created by Taranath karagada on Oct 15, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2009 by David Fournier
I am using MPC5554EVB with code Warrior version 2.3 and Nexus (P&E) debugger.
I want to open a file and write some data or string into the file..
I have added fopen() and fwrite() with MSL macros and source files in my default project.. and runnning it
on NEXUS (P&E) debugger. I have not found any errors while compiling and linking with codewarrior.
But after running test.elf build file on P&E debuuger its not opening any file..no run errors..
Please guide me what needs to be used to use file handling in Codewarrior for MPC5554 board.