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Any source about Zipwire with MPC5777M in S32DS for Power?

Question asked by YOUNGHYUN YOON on Feb 7, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2018 by Peter Vlna

Dear all,


I've been working on Zipwire with MPC5777M.
And with S32 Design Studio for Power Architecture(S32DS for Power).


I got Zipwire Driver from here.

And I read the document 'AN5134'.

In this doc, AN5134, p.6 (3.1 Function file locations),
it mentioned the software was compiled with the Green Hills Software Multi compiler.


So, I looked for the way to convert ghs -> S32
BUT! there is no automatic way.

So I tried to migrate the project Manually.


I have to change some values for MPC5777M.
(AN5134, p.6 (Table 3. Example function file locations) _ 1. Values used in this function are device specific.)
(AN5134, p.1 (Table 1. Devices that support the Zipwire interprocessor communication interface) _ 6 available devices)
I have to change some pragmas codes.


But it was quite hard work.

(I encounterd many problems...)


So, I need some help.

Is there anyone performed Zipwire with MPC5777M in S32DS for Power?
Can I get some sources?