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Accelerometer precision calibration

Question asked by on Feb 7, 2018
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Sensor fusion includes a function to calibrate the accelerometer. This is well explained in the manual and visually accessible in the calibration tab of the windows toolbox. According to the sensorfusion manual, calibration models for the accelerometer rely on AN5286 mathematics (with similar mathematics to AN5019 magnetometer calibration).  My question is related to calibration functions. According to AN5286, there are 3 functions available with a 4, 7 and 10 parameter calibration model. But the calibration tab in the toolbox allows up to 12 parameter calibration.


There is another application note, AN4399, very similar to AN5286, that includes the 12 parameter model. It also includes a calibration procedure for the accelerometer in the temperature range.


I would like to know if the 12 parameter model of the toolbox is in fact similar to the one described in AN4399.


We will perform high/low temperature tests to evaluate how the output values change with temperature. I think that the variation of the sensitivity of the gyroscope should not be much of a problem (assuming a reasonable ±5% tolerance) but the variation of the accelerometer offset is usually not negligible (assuming offset variations in the ±200mg range). It would also depend if offset is similar in the three axis which I suppose it is not.

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