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Help me start programming in the KL25Z please!

Question asked by Matio Gomez on Feb 7, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2018 by Kerry Zhou

Hello everyone, I would like to as help from everyone here.

I'm a student of Software Engineering that was thrown into Programming for Embbebed Systems at my University since it's an obligatory class for my career.


The thing, I'm irregular and was sent to take it with mechatronics instead of software, changing from UDOO to the KL. And I have never used low level C in my life.


This are the pre-labs. Which everyone else in class already has the basis to do since they have been programming with the board for 2 years.


And when I asked for help, all the professor told to me was that everything was in the Reference Manual to read chapter 12 - 10 - 11 - 28 in that order. I literally don't understand the Reference Manual.


I was wondering if you guys could help in several ways, the most important being how to set-up pins and if possible some ADC and UART examples.


And for some help in sources or how to get a crash course in embedded programming, because to me using memory directions and pointers looks like witchcraft to me. Especially since I was NOT allowed to use Code-Warriors or any driver/library at all. Everything is to be done by hand.