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How to convert RGB 233 (8-bit) color settings in iMX31 IPU driver to RGB 565 (16-bit) color?

Question asked by Justin Carrel on Feb 6, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2018 by Justin Carrel

Hello, I am currently working on upgrading a project which uses an iMX31 board.

It runs a Nucleus RTOS, with Segger EmWin graphics library, which directly configures the iMX31 IPU for output to an Ortustech COM35H3M10XTC LCD.  It was originally designed for 8-bit colors on an older LCD and now we are looking to cover 16-bit colors.

With the original 8-bit settings, the display comes out just fine on the Ortustech LCD. As per Segger’s instructions, we updated the EmWin stack to use 16-bit colors and depth, and the resulting output looks messy and “magnified”, most likely due to the 16 bit graphics stack trying to stuff data into the hard-coded 8-bit IPU driver code. The original author of the IPU driver code is no longer available for reference and we are in the process of reverse-engineering his code to adjust the IPU configurations for 16-bit output.

Our end-goal is for the device to support RGB 565 (16-bit) color.  We need to configure the IPU to support this as it currently is hardcoded for RGB 233 (8-bit).  Can anyone please provide information regarding which specific areas and/or hardware registers need to be tweaked for this adjustment to be achieved along with the values they require?  Thank you.

P.S. If code excerpts are needed, let me know and I will provide what I can.