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where is the mcg_config_t declaration

Question asked by PO220 on Feb 6, 2018
Latest reply on May 16, 2018 by Daniel Chen



I' use KDS 3.2 with SDKv2.0 and 2.2 since they exist

Now I'm trying to make a new project with KSDKv2.3 for KL27Z128


File->new->kinetis SDK v2.x Project

I select KL27Z128, All drivers, Freertos...and there surprise :


@unknown type name 'mcg_config_t'    clock_config.h   (extern const mcg_config_t mcgConfig_BOARD_BootClockRUN;)


But where is this definition ? (A search of the entire folder SDK_2.3.0_MKL27Z128xxx4 only finds mcg_config_t in two files  clock_config.h and clock_config.c ; no definition of  mcg_config_t !?! )


Thanks in advance, I'm totally blocked by this thing


In addition to that with version 2.3 the import of a demo does not work  (no demo proposal in the wizard and import->Existing Projects into Workspace give an invalid project with any source file in project folder   )

It's sad that it's so complicated to create a project or open a demo :-(