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True Time Simulator Counting Breakpoints Not Working

Question asked by Greg Smith on Oct 14, 2008
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2008 by CompilerGuru
I'm working with a recent version of Freescale's CodeWarrior Development Studio,
version 5.7.0, build 2211, for the HCS12 processor, specifically the MC9S12E128,
and the True Time Simulator (Version 6.1, Build 6345).

Downloading code, single-stepping through the code, and setting simple
breakpoints is working.  I can't get Counting Breakpoints to work.  I have
followed the directions by setting the interval to say, for example, "4", then
running the code, but the debugger appears to be triggering as soon as it hits
the breakpoint instead of reaching the breakpoint four times, then halting.

Would any of you out there have an idea why counting breakpoints may not be working?  I could really use this
feature to get through some debugging at the moment.

Greg Smith