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Frequency trim not working on 9S08 with Code Warrior 6.1

Question asked by Jonathan Valks on Oct 14, 2008
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2008 by Fabio Pereira
I am using Code Warrior 6.1 with a 9S08QE128 target in the DEMOQE development board. I have selected the P&E Multilink/Cyclone Pro connection and am connecting through the USB port.

I have noticed that although I tell it to use a custom trim frequency of 32768kHz, the downloader always states that it is recommends the trim value of $AC, which it then programs into the trim register. This is irrespective of what I set as the custom frequency. I measure the frequency by timing intervals between 1ms interrupts, and this is always about 477 Hz, not 500Hz.

The same setup works correctly with the ColdFire MCF51QE128. I can trim the ICS to give me exactly 500Hz.

Does the downloader in Hiwave not support the frequency trim option with the 9S08 processor? I am guessing it doesn't as it always uses the recommended value $AC for the trim.

This is a nuisance because the baud rate is now out of spec and the SCI interface misses some characters. This doesn't happen with the ColdFire processor.

Is there a way to get a custom frequency trim to work on the 9S08 with my setup?