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LPC4337 Dual core example, M0 run from Flash bankB problem

Question asked by Ali Asadzadeh on Feb 5, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2018 by Fernando Theirs

I want to use flash bank A for the M4 core at Address of 0x1A000000 and Ram at address of 0x20000000,so far so good,

This is my code inside the M4 core

M4 main code


/* Stop CM0 core */
LPC_RGU->RESET_CTRL1 = (1 << 24);
/* Download CM0 application */
Load_CM0_Image (0x1B000000, LR0, sizeof(LR0));
/* Start CM0 core */
Load Cortex M0APP Application Image

void Load_CM0_Image (uint32_t DestAddr, const uint8_t *Image, uint32_t Sz) {
uint32_t i;
uint8_t *dp = (uint8_t *)DestAddr;
// /* Copy application image */
// for (i = 0; i < Sz; i++) {
// dp[i] = Image[i];
// }
/* Set shadow pointer to beginning of the CM0 application */


And here is my M0 code with these settings ,flash from 0x1B000000 and ram from 0x10000000

M0 main file


int i=0;
for (;;)


and these are the command line commands for the M0 project


$K/ARM/BIN/ElfDwT.exe !L BASEADDRESS(0x1B000000)
fromelf --cadcombined --output="..\Cortex M4\CM0_Image.c" ".\Objects\Test.axf"


and this one is for the M4 core


$K/ARM/BIN/ElfDwT.exe !L BASEADDRESS(0x1A000000)

The problem is that the Flash bank B @ 0x1B000000 is empty when I view it with j-link in debug and even if I program it with M0 app when I start debugging of M0, it would not run! Do you have any Idea what might has gone wrong? what should I do to use the Flash bank B as the Code part for M0 core, I have successfully done it in the RAM but I need it in the flash, Also Please Note that my Tool chain is keil and my Debugger is J-link, any hints or a sample, project would help a lot.