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USB send and receive

Question asked by aniketmarkande on Feb 6, 2018


I am working on a K22 series controller and using latest USB stack. I have connected 2 MSD & 1 speaker on USB and trying to read the .wav file from MSD and playing it on speaker.


For playing sound, reading data in buffer1(1152bytes) &sending 64 bytes every 1ms and while sending audio data trying to read in buffer2(1152bytes). 

I observed on analyzer that traffic on USB bus which is coming as follows,

since data is not getting sent every 1ms, sound played is distorted. (Why data is not being read from MSD after sending audio data in 1ms time frame?)

and i want to achieve something like as follows

i was not able to do this although i am using the usb stack APIs.

Please let me know how i can implement this.


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