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Burn a new RCW to T4240RDB Rev2 board with CW

Question asked by sedat altun on Feb 5, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2018 by sedat altun


I am trying to write RCW to NOR Flash of a T4240RDB Rev2 board with a broken RCW on EEPROM. 


I am using codewarrior "CodeWarrior_PA_10.5.1"


I created an new Bareboard project with target T4240RDB Rev2.


I am using the SRAM download project with T4240RDB_RCW_1666_733_1867-rev2.0.txt as jtag initialization file.

T4240RDB_init_sram.tcl Target initialization file. and T4240RDB.mem memory initialization


Using CodeWarrior TAP over ethernet.


The switch settings of the T4240RDB board is done as written in T4240RDB_eabi_README.txt 


SW1: 1100 SW2 :1111 SW3:1111 SW4:1111

And the jumper1 JP1 is at JTAG mode.


When I start the debug sessin I got the message: 

"CCSProtocolPlugin: Failed to correctly configure the JTAG chain."


Does anybody have any idea about this case, since T4240RDB is the reference board of NXP not my custom design, in my opinion  I think it must be easy to connect and burn a new RCW .


Does anybody have any idea, any help will be appreciated.