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Using UART to communicate with another board

Question asked by johanandrade on Feb 5, 2018
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Here is the hardware I'm using:

  • LPCXpressor54608 Eval Board REV. B
  • (x2) R41Z Eval Board (based of NXP KW41Z)


Currently I have two R41Z communicating via Thread protocol. I'm now trying to have the LPCX board send a message to one R41Z via UART which in turn sends the wireless signal to the the remote R41Z. I createed a GUI for the LPCX using touchgfx software (TouchGFX 4.9.0 - Installation Guide for NXP LPC54608 – TouchGFX ). I want the user when they interact with the GUI to send the UART message to the connected R41Z. I'm using J11 pins 2/3 for UART TX/RX.


How would I go about adding UART functionality to the LPCX and the R41Z? I'm using I have to continue to program the UART using KEIL since that's the compatible debugger for touchgfx. On the LPCX SDK there are driver files for USART and examples. Would this be the best way to implement it? How about on the R41Z side? Thank you.