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Erratic SF windows toolbox outputs?

Question asked by on Feb 4, 2018
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We have been doing some testing with FRDM-K64F / FRDM-FXS-MULT2-B development boards with the Windows sensor fusion toolbox (last version of the toolbox). We have been testing the 6DOF sensor fusion mode only.


We have obtained very good results when visually checking the sensor and fusion outputs tabs. But we have encountered 3 issues when recording and saving to .csv files:

1) Duplicated records: similar to an old post from 2015: duplicated sensor records | NXP Community 

2) Erratic behaviour of the toolbox GUI when the "record" box is selected. I attach 3 screenshots of the sensor fusion toolbox when the record tickbox is selected:

         1- Sensor tab_erratic_record.jpg: It shows values before and after the record tickbox is selected. The "erratic" behaviour can be seen after enabling the record tickbox.

          2 - "Dynamics_tab_erratic_record.jpg": similar to nº1: Ramdom peaks appear in the outputs and the behaviour of the data is somewhat "erratic".

          3 - "kalman filter tab with erratic results": Similar to 2.

3) Not acccurate info in some of the output lines: Some of the lines in the .csv file tend not to follow the selected fusion mode. The information "swifts" randomly. I attach 2 screenshots of the excel file where some of the lines have switched the initially selected algorithm and coordinate system (gaming and NED) to "2D automotive", "gyro compass", "windows8" etc. Also the numeric values in these lines are not coherent.


After eliminating duplicated values and suspicious imported excel lines, data is consistent (still some doubts about the "erratic" behaviour of the toolbox)

Q: Has anyone experimented similar experiences? Could someone advise on how to correct/improve the record data?