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Configuring PLL on K24 with 16MHz oscillator using the clocks tool

Question asked by Ryan Lush on Feb 5, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2018 by Ryan Lush

I’m trying to use the clocks tool on the MCUXpresso page and the generated code isn’t working for me. I’m looking to generate





I started with an example project for the K64 Freedom board using a 50MHz crystal. Now I would like the same code to run on a K24 with a 16MHz oscillator. I have attached the generated files.


I get stuck on line 1503 of fsl_clock.c


/* Wait for CLKST clock status bits to show clock source is ext ref clk */


On a bit of a side note here, I removed the clock configuration all together in an attempt to move forward on some other things but when I try to write to the PORTA->PSOR register I get a JLINK error


"Could not start CPU core (error code: -1)"


I'm hoping this has something to do with not configuring the clocks but I'm not sure. Any idea what this might be? I have ungated the PORTA clock in the system integration module.