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How can I update my Firmware OM26630FSK

Question asked by Lutz Müller on Feb 3, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2018 by Rutger van Dalen

When I start NFC Cockpit I get:
[2018.02.03 15:39:48]:INFO:ServiceFactory:Generating Services for VCOM_RC663 @COM3
[2018.02.03 15:39:48]:ERROR:ServiceFactory:Invalid Interrupt Trigger Detected!!
[2018.02.03 15:39:48]:ERROR:ServiceFactory:m_bal.SetConfig(HalHwType,RC663) failed. Status=GENERIC,USE_CONDITION
[2018.02.03 15:39:48]:ERROR:ServiceFactory:generateServices(VCOM_RC663 @COM3) Failed with GENERIC,USE_CONDITION
[2018.02.03 15:39:48]:INFO:ServiceFactory:uC FW Version: NNC_uC_VCOM_01.01.00_20170130 (Compiled on Feb  2 2017 14:36:40)
[2018.02.03 15:39:48]:WARN:ServiceFactory:Please use the MicroController FW provided with this version of the GUI
[2018.02.03 15:39:48]:ERROR:ServiceFactory:SelectBalHalOsal(selected_board) Failed with GENERIC,USE_CONDITION
[2018.02.03 15:39:49]:WARN:UcVcomBalDelegate:Assuming Secondary FW Upgrade is supported