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Is there a way of detecting / interrupting at the end of a contiguous set of UART frames?

Question asked by minibix on Feb 2, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2018 by minibix

I'm using the K64F, MCUXpresso SDK and FreeRTOS.


I'm receiving variable length messages from another device on a UART, these messages are made up of UART frames (8 bits, 1 stop bit). Each message may be made up of 3 - 50 UART frames.


In each message, the UART frames are basically contiguous and there is a significant idle delay (20ms) between all messages.


I'm wondering if there is a hardware level feature / interrupt or SDK API which allows me to easily detect a single message / the end of a message (or when there are no UART frames being received i.e. idle)?


I can then return an array of bytes which represents that message only.

There is no way to determine the end of the message by it's last byte as it is essentially random in nature.