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Debug problems using Bit Band Alias region

Question asked by Flavio Esposito on Feb 2, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2018 by Flavio Esposito

Hi, i have a problem when i want to debug. After following the instructions pointed in "Placing data into different RAM blocks"  i have defined a section in the Bit Band Alias region (0x22000000), so i can automaticaly place variables of bit type (aligned to 4 bytes). The problem is when i want to debug the project, the intialization secuence halts at a point and i only can see this error messages: "warning: Overlapping regions in memory map: ignoring" in gdb.
Anyway when i flash the MCU it runs normally, also i've checked that a variable placed in the new region is placed ok.

Also i'm experiencing issues at writing/reading from the bit band alias via pointers/macros, it always generates a hard fault.

Any idea?.


Thanks in advance.