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bring up t1040 board

Question asked by 飞 王 on Feb 3, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2018 by 飞 王

Hi, I'm bringing up our T1040(Part number:NXE7MQB) board based on T1040RDB.
I have some question as following:
1.How to write Clocking_CLKPCSR register with PBI? I want to enable clk_out pad to confirm my pll set in RCW.
2.According to our T1040 Part number, The main freq is 1200MHz and the Die revision is 1.1. I get default RCW
and u-boot.bin from SDK 1.7,but the main freq is 1400MHz in SDK1.7 RCW. So I rebuild the RCW with QCVS,
Do I need to rebuild the u-boot since the main freq is differrnt?
3.I use CW10.4 and QCVS 4.2.1 to build the PBL.bin(for SD boot) acording to "QorIQ-SDK-1.7-IC-RevB.pdf"
Chapter 9.1.5 Generating the PBL image.
There is a step as following:
• Insert the u-boot image file:
Select ACS File (data from binary file) then file Browse appears.
For T4240/T2080 SoCs:
Change offset: 0xfd000 (will change to 0xfd8000 if U-boot version is 2014.04+)
Browse to File: u-boot-spl.bin
Hit the Add button, then the Apply button

but I cann't find out the menu "Insert the u-boot image file" "Select ACS File (data from binary file)",
Maybe the QCVS 4.2.1 is different,Please tell me the corresponding menu operation in QCVS4.2.1, Thanks.