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How to resolve PAN ID conflict issue?

Question asked by Bhautik Rupareliya on Feb 2, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2018 by wei ss

we are using JN_SW_4168 Stack and JN5169 controller for development of Home Automation device. we have created a one network. In this network, we used one coordinator, end device with NXP stack, sleepy end device with NXP stack. so below we explained basic flow,
1. coordinator formed the network.
2. End Device joined with network.
3. Sleepy End Device also joined with same network.
4. After successfully joined two device then temperature data report and humidity data report to coordinator continuously.
5. If any other device to joined this network then first new device broadcast the beacon request and coordinator received the request and send the beacon but END device also send the beacon. And coordinator detect PAN ID conflict and send the network update command. so sleepy end device not received any command from coordinator.
6. But sleepy end device continuously report the data based on old PAN ID so coordinator not received any reported data.


we also shared Ubiqua traces for this issue.


So Is there any way to resolved this PAN ID conflict issue?