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PN7462AU mass storage binary problem

Question asked by simonschmitt on Feb 2, 2018
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I just got a devkit (OM27462CDK) to learn how to work with NFC.

I tried to follow the video tutorial about how to program the board to use NFC cockpit:

PN7462AU: NFC Cockpit hardware preparation|NXP 


I have 2 issues:

-I don't know where to find the package with user_ee.bin inside. It's not in the NFC cockpit package neither in th PN7462psp package. Or I just poorly searched.

-When I access to the mass storage device, the board reboot almost instantly after I delete DRP_00.dat. I have no time to transfer a new program like the binaries I found in the software package.


Thank you for reading. (And excuse me for my grammar mistakes, English isn't my mother tongue)