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Booting MPC8309 custom board with SD card Problem

Question asked by satya ranjan on Feb 2, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2018 by satya ranjan

Hello,I'm trying to boot the MPC8309twr with sd card.

I followed the procedure as per the document AN3659_bf.pdf(which describes the format for sd card boot for MPC8536E)  as per the doubts asked by other members and response given i set up configuration file.

These are the following changes done for sd card boot:

Hardware specific:-
1)CFG_RESET_SOURCE[0:3]=[1:1:0:1] for esdhc boot
BSP specific :
1) Added macro to enable ramboot (CONFIG_SYS_RAMBOOT) 
2) Changed TEXT_BASE to 0x01000000 (ram address)
3)changed IMMR address (#define CONFIG_SYS_IMMR     0xFFF00000)
4) compile uboot and used uboot.bin file
I even used the boot format utility for formatting sd card and followed the complete steps as per the document
but still not able to boot.

Here I am having some doubts:


1: as per the mpc8309 reference manual BMS bit is 1 in RCWHR register for sd card boot, which means our boot memory space will be lower 8MB(0xFF80_0000 to 0xFFFF_FFFF.) so where should our boot code be present and how it is related with the Target address and Execution DDR address.


2:how we are defining the source address,Target address and Execution address.


  as suggested by Ufedor,

Target Address (DDR address) 0x01000000

Execution Starting Address is set to 0x01000100.

   are these two address fixed and if not,can i change it to some other address range.


3:where should be the microcode present.

  i mean only modifying  CONFIG_SYS_QE_FW_ADDR to a DDR address is sufficient or any other modifications to be done.


what should be the suitable DDR address for microcode


so please guide me if i have done any mistake in the above configurations for booting with sd card.


with regards,

satya ranjan