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imx6q+vxworks6.9 network problem

Question asked by 俊昌 王 on Feb 2, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2018 by igorpadykov

hw: imx6q-sabred

soft: vxworks6.9

env:  x86pc linux as tcp cilent ----> imx6q vx6.9 as tcp server 

         pc connects vx and send data only, imx6q recv data and drop it in mem.


         1 the board buys from offical web(NXP),  i run vxworks6.9 in it.  but the network does not work correctly, sometime it reached 18MB/s, othertimes it does not work that tcp client and server don't communicate, no data occur in phy.

         2 x86pc won't ping success to imx6q(at 65000B package, but small packet is ok)


         it modifes mac driver in vxworks6.9 refer to linux kernel, although it ping failed in top four packget, and then it 's ok( 65000B package), why?

         x86 connect imx6q, it's readch 18MB/s or 40MB/s after ping big pack success, also firstly it's not stable, imx6q power on, x86pc connect it, sometime it works small bandwidth(<1MB), and then it reaches 18 or 40MB. it don't occur the appearnce that no data communicates. 


        1 i want to know the mac control name in soc for seeing the detail on how to operate it

        2  how to resove the problem or give me advise , thanks