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Question about the can wake up the mcu from stop mode

Question asked by 展辉 刘 on Feb 1, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2018 by Daniel Martynek

Hi, DEAR NXP AE team

          Now i am using the S12ZVC to development project,and the CAN is work well in transmit and receive the can message.

         I need to S12ZVC enter to the stop mode and the S12ZVC need to wake up by the can message and the KL15(12v) ,I use the HVI pin connect the KL15(12V),and use the hvi(PTL) pin interrupt to wake the mcu from the stop mode is ok .

        But the can message(can wake frame ) can wake the mcu.1、For the MSCAN,i set the  WUPE=1 in the CANCTL0 register,and enable the WUPIE =1 in the CANRIER register, 2、then for the CAN PHY ,i set the WUPE1-0 =10, but when the mcu enter stop mode,it can' wake form the stop mode by the can message.

       can you help me to solve this promble ,Is there any place I did not notice?