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MPC5644 ADC as part of tolerance analysis

Question asked by Tim Harper on Feb 1, 2018


I am helping another engineer with a tolerance analysis in a design using analog circuitry leading into an ADC pin on an MPC5644.  This tolerance analysis is being done in MATLAB simulink using a Monte Carlo toolbox.  It's easy enough to come up with the transfer functions for the analog circuitry, but a little more nebulous in deciding how to handle the errors associated with the ADC on the processor. 

Has anyone out here done a decent tolerance analysis using the specs for the '5644 ADC?

Need a good way to model errors related to INL, DNL, gain, offset, sample-to-sample error, etc...

Also, should these errors just be RSS'd (and thus just use Total Unadjusted Error)?  A linear stack-up of all these separate errors is probably way too conservative.