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FRDM K82F with SDK LPUART receive interrupt stops firing after 6-8 times

Question asked by Aron Heck on Feb 1, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2018 by Aron Heck


I have the following problem. My uart interrupt only fires 6-8 times and never again after that.
It doesn't matter for how long the FRDM K82F runs before receiving the first batch of data, it always happens after the first 6-8 bytes.


Here is some code from my interrupt routine.



   uint8_t data;
   uint32_t flags = (kLPUART_RxDataRegFullFlag | kLPUART_RxOverrunFlag) &                            LPUART_GetStatusFlags(ESP_UART);
   if (flags){
      data = LPUART_ReadByte(ESP_UART);
      if((rxIndex + 1) % BUFFER_SIZE != txIndex){
         ringBuffer[rxIndex] = data;
         rxIndex %= BUFFER_SIZE;


Has anybody encountered this behaviour before?