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How to Flash images to an SD card correctly?

Question asked by Mike Domondon on Feb 1, 2018
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I have an i.MX6Q Sabresd board and I am trying to flash the images  (android 7.1.2)I built into an SD card. 


If I use MFGTool in Windows OS, I can successfully flash the images to the SD card and android boots successfully. But if I try to use included in the source in my Ubuntu environment, I get this failure during boot:

boota mmc1
boota: bad boot image magic


I have attached two files. One (Partition_SD_card_via_Script.txt) is the output of, and the other (Partition_SD_card_manual.txt) is the output where I tried to input the commands found in the script manually in the terminal.


Any help will be appreciated.