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modify the .mk file and .lcf file,the program can not run

Discussion created by hongjin zeng on Jan 30, 2018
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Hi everyone,

  I use simulink generator the mpc5643l program.if I do not modify the .mk file and .lcf file,the program can run.After I modify those files,the program can not run.

First,I creat a model in the simulink by MCToolbox for mpc5643l.I upload the model file in the accessory.

Second,I build the model without any modify.Through click the build button,the elf file automatic generate.

Third,I download the .elf file to the trk-usb-mpc5643l through the S32DS for power by Executable File Importer.

Fourth,I debug the program by S32DS.In the debug interface,I click the run button.The program can run without any error.

Then I modify the MPC564xLFlash.lcf and secondtestmodel.mk file.

In the secondtestmodel.mk,the old version

the new version

In the MPC564xLFlash.lcf,the old version

the new version

Then I use the cmd to build the program.

the build successful

Then through the above method,I download the program to the board and debug the program.

In the debug process, I click the run button,after several seconds,I click the suspend button,the program run to 0x0.

I face the problem in several days.

I would appreciate it if you could solve the problem.