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Access to i2c-gpio bus in /dev/ ?

Question asked by Luc VIALA on Jan 30, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2018 by igorpadykov

Hello nxp community,


I try to implement i2c-gpio on imx6ul via device-tree.


I already patch device-tree with the following lines and it compile nicely:

+#include <dt-bindings/gpio/gpio.h>

+/ {
+       i2c-device@0 {
+               compatible = "i2c-gpio";
+               sda-gpios = <&gpio1 9>;
+               scl-gpios = <&gpio1 1>;
+               i2c-gpio,sda-open-drain;
+               i2c-gpio,scl-open-drain;
+               i2c-gpio,delay-us = <120>;
+       };

but i2c-gpio char device is missing in /dev/ folder when I boot up the target.


I also already compile kernel with i2c-gpio driver checked with menuconfig.


How I can access to i2c-gpio bus, or there is something missing in my devicetree patch ?


Thank you in advance for your advices.


Best Regards,