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GS2101M wifi module driver for i.MX6 linux

Question asked by MinKyung Seo on Jan 29, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2018 by igorpadykov


I have to porting the GS2101M wifi module to some custom board. GS2101M module is product of ‘Telit’(the former name is ‘Gainspan’) and it is using GS2000 SoC.

My platform is linux(kernel version 3.10), so I’m searching the linux driver of GS2010M module.

And I found two links when I searching the linux driver.

Please, look at this.


After found them, I requested supporting the linux driver to Telit agency. But they said, they are not support linux driver because their linux engineers were resign after merger of Gainspan and Telit.

That time, I heard freescale developed GS2000 linux driver with Gainspan.

So I requested to freescale agency. But they not answerd.

I searched the driver in freescale linux and android bsps, but I can’t found it.


Last, I’m writing this Question letter.

Can anyone advice me about the GS2101M linux driver?


Thank you.