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ETPU engine control CRANK problem

Question asked by Joe Geng Employee on Jan 30, 2018
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 I am new to eTPU/eTPU2 usage.


I have followed both AN3769SW and AN47908SW to set up my project on MPC5777C EVB. Toothgen function works well. CRANK and CAM signal can be observed by oscilloscope.  But the CRANK function don't work well. I find the state of CRANK always stay in Initial State, FS_ETPU_CRANK_SEEK (AN47908SW )or FS_ETPU_CRANK_BLANK_TIME(AN3769SW).

I have tried many types of configuration but never let the state of CRANK change. I think it shouldn't be so hard, but I don't know waht can I do next.


Today I try the same code on MPC5746R board. It works well. Is there some difference between MPC5746R and MPC5777C when config ETPU?


Thanks in advance.



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