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Can SST flash 39vf1601 be used as the ROM1 to store the firmware code while using LPC 1777

Question asked by kunal thakur on Jan 30, 2018
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I have used LPC 1777 in a board in which I was using LPC 2420 earlier as all the pinouts for both are same.All my code has been completely ported but the problem is that my firmware size is greater than 512kB (i. e. the size of internal ROM of LPC 1777).Now I want to load my firmware code to an external flash (SST 39vf1601 which has 2MB size) similar to what I was doing earlier with LPC 2420.

But every time I try to load the program through Jtag , Keil throws following errors:

1. In version 4.74 of Keil I am not even able to see the option of SST39x160x flash in the Cortex-M Target Driver Setup when I try to add external flash in devices.

2. In one of the Keil compilers I was able to select the external flash where erase and program is happening but while verify it is throwing below errors
*** error 125, line 16: AGDI: memory write failed <(address)>
_WDWORD(0xE01FC0C4, 0x00000800);
Cannot access memory
*** error 125, line 16: AGDI: memory write failed <(address)>
Partial Erase Done (areas with no algorithm skipped!)
No Algorithm found for: 00000000H - 000002FFH
Contents mismatch at : 81000000H (Flash=00H Required=78H)!
. ..
Too many errors to display!

Can anybody please suggest a solution?