Sailesh Kandula

Unable to invoke FORCEFILES directive in CodeWarrior 6.3 for M5485EVB

Discussion created by Sailesh Kandula on Oct 12, 2008
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2008 by CrasyCat
Hello ,

I'm using CodeWarrior V 6.3 and Coldfire  M5485EVB.

I'm developing a small application which consists of a boot loader and a library (lib1.c,lib2.c). The boot loader will eventually  load another application which invokes functions in my library.

Since the functions in my library are not invoked by my boot loader, linker does not include lib1.c and lib2.c in my final buillt i.e elf.s19 (dead stripping).I used the linker directive FORCEFILES { lib1.o lib2.o} ,at the end of my lcf file but it didn't work.

Do i have to use any other directives?

After every make command i check the elf [.xmap file] to see what all files are included in my final built