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imx6ul - Tamper functions not working (active tamper, temperature tamper)

Question asked by Andreas Brandstätter on Jan 29, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2018 by Yuri Muhin



We are using a imx6ul and want to enable tamper functions s.t. ZMK and LPGPR will be deleted in case of a tamper event. Unfortunately active tamper functions as well as temperature tamper functions are not working at all.



*) Device is in "Trusted"-State (HAB enabled and device closed)
*) LPPGDR was set and PGD cleared in LPSR as described in Section "Power glitch detector"
*) SRTC is enabled (LPSRTCLR is counting)

*) LPGPR0 is set to a known value

For active tamper functions:
*) ATx_PAD_EN and ATx_EN is enabled in LPATCTLR (for all x = 1 to 5)
*) but we could not measure any output of the LFSR at the Tamper-Pins using a oscilloscope


For temperature tamper functions:

*) DRYICE_EN is set in DTOCR

*) TEMP_DET_EN is set in DMCR
*) TT_EN is set in LPTDCR
*) when the device is cooled below -30°C the tampering is still not detected. (LPGPR0 is not cleared, State not changed, no Flag in LPSR)


Are we missing anything? - Any help would be appreciated!