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BF862 or other low noise JFET

Discussion created by Tomasz Sztejka on Jan 29, 2018
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  At the end of 2017 the BF862 JFET transistor got end-of-life. Currently, as far as I can find, the entire BF86x family has a "not recommended for new design" status. The BF862 was one of the lowest noise JFET's available and practically almost the world-wide best choice for charge amplifiers in nuclear applications.


Since I'm using it extensively in many applications of such kind I would like to know what replacement do You recommend? It doesn't have to be NXP part though.


 The replacement criteria are:

 - industrial temperature range;

 - lowest possible noise;

 - low current at this noise;

 - negligible input leakage;

 - high bandwidth;

 - low cut-off voltage.


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