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MPC5748G AUTOSAR MCAL: Machine Check Interrupt

Question asked by Dmitry Yudenich on Jan 29, 2018
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I try to study how to work with AUTOSAR on MPC5748G board The application sample is MPC574XG_MCAL4_0_RTM_1_0_4_Sample_Application.


This is my environment:

1. Windows

2. AUTOSAR MCAL AND OS: MPC574xG_AUTOSAR_OS_4_0_92_RTM_1_0_3, MPC574XG_MCAL4_0_RTM_1_0_4

3. EB Tresos 14.2

4. S32 Design Studio for Power Architecture Version 2017.R1

5. Diab compiler 5.9


Documentation (provided with MPC574XG_MCAL4_0_RTM_1_0_4_Sample_Application) describes that application is flashed by Lauterbach Trace32 PowerView.  Unfortunately, I can't use this tool. So I try to flash application by S32 Design Studio throught OpenSDA interface with nxp_mpc5748g_1x32x1520k_cflash.pcp flash algorithm. If application's elf file was built without OS, flashing is successfull and I see application's code throught debug session. But I get "Machine Check Interrupt" after start of application. If application was build with OS, flashing fails.


Is it possible that nxp_mpc5748g_1x32x1520k_cflash flash algorithm can lead to Machine Check Interrupt? If so, could any advise how to make AUTOSAR application's flash algorithm which valid for S32 Design Studio?



Thanks in advance,

Dmitry Y.


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