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VLPS on Kinetis, Using TSS library for Touch input.

Question asked by Taimur wajad on Jan 29, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2018 by Jing Pan

Hi All,
Anybody here, using TSS library for touch input and configured the system for VLPS (Very Low Power Stop) mode for low power consumption?


I'm configuring my system to enter VLPS mode if no touch is detected for some time. After entering the low power mode, on Touch Input, the system isn't generating any kind of interrupt. I have tried manual configuration and with processor expert aswell without any success. The problem comes when I execute SLEEPDEEP command, and when processor enters into deepsleep.


PS: I configured the system for LLS (Low Leakage Stop) mode, and everything worked fine, however, in LLS mode only one elctrode is active. Since my system's req. is that all the electrodes should be active in low power consumtion or in standy state.

Anybody else faced or facing the same issue in VLPS mode? I'm working on Kinetis K10 uC.

Please comment, I need some serious help.